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The Worlds of Giordano Bruno - book coverThe Worlds of Giordano Bruno: The Man Galileo Plagiarized

A new book by Alan W Powers, available towards the end of year. Published by Cortex Design


Keats and his Nightingale

James Wolpaw directing Oscar-nominated Keats and His Nightingale on Powers' front porch.  BCC student Gary Hasson, being filmed, sits in leather jacket to the right of the pillar.

Emily DickinsonEmily DickinsonA Loaded Gun

James Wolpaw's film on Emily Dickinson, A Loaded Gun, has been funded by WGBH, the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, and national media foundations. Featuring actresses including Julie Harris, and poets including Billy Collins, it will be broadcast in 2002. Dr. Powers plays a character called Dr. Powers.